Managing the business of IT


JETA AllServiceIT Maintenance and Support

One flat fee for all your systems support and maintenance.

Helpdesk with Instant Assistance

Save your time, call the Helpdesk

You just finished filling out a questionnaire that has to be sent by the end of the day, but when you click the print button nothing comes out.  After several tries and even involving co-workers, you still have no document.  You call your computer company, and they can have a tech out tomorrow afternoon. Does this sound familiar?  Instead of that headache, call the JETA Helpdesk. Using remote assistance tools, we can connect to your computer in minutes, removing that stuck print job from last week and have you printing again in no time. That sure was easy.

IT Systems Monitoring

We have our finger on your IT pulse

It’s Monday morning, and when you start up your computer, you have no new email.  That sure seems strange. Didn’t you send yourself a link to that new prospect’s website last night? And where’s that email from your office supply vendor confirming your shipment? The email server started overheating this weekend and shutdown. Now you’re scrambling to get someone out to repair it ASAP. If you had JETA’s AllServiceIT, then we would have known about the problem immediately. We could have alerted you over the weekend and met you at the door on Monday morning ready to fix the problem.

Vendor Management 

Let us deal with the problems

Don’t waste your time coordinating your telecommunications, business machines, line-of-business application and computer systems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single point of contact when any of your business systems need attention? We will step in and fill that role. Printer on the fritz? Static on the phone line? Strange beeping in the computer closet? One call and you can rest assured the problem will be solved so you can stay focused on your business priorities.

Peace of Mind

AllServiceIT makes IT easy on you

Get peace of mind knowing the JETA team is your partner in IT. Let us demonstrate just how much you could save by becoming proactive with your business systems. Call now for a free consultation and find out just how reassuring it can be to have JETA on your side.